Version: 2023.12.26

I'm a gamer. I've got a PILE of games. I'll loan them out from time to time. Sometimes people KEEP the games LONGER than they should, mostly because they don't get to them and it just sits on their coffee table (kind of like my GameFly rentals). I've since extended this to movies and graphic novels. It can be ANYTHING really. So I needed an easier way to show my friends which games (or movies) they can borrow and a way to remind them when to return my stuff.

This website is a place for me to list all of my stuff. You'll be able to "check out my stuff" and see what I've got for sale. But you'll also be able to "check out my stuff" and borrow it too. There is a full fledged request and reminder system, a personal tot-board where you can see how much you've saved, plus later you'll be able to EARN achievements.

Register and add YOUR stuff here too. You can invite your friends to check out YOUR stuff. (artwork, books, comics, games, tools, etc.)

I mainly wrote this site to share with my friends and share my stuff with my friends. So come on and JOIN and share your stuff with YOUR friends.

SOMEtimes (ok, RARELY) I'll blog about how I built (am building) this site. Most of the times it's just rants though.
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Release Notes (done):

  • Add Search to the main menu.
  • Batch mode for checked out reminder
  • Add amount saved by the "tip jar" on the contact page.
  • Hide history on Checked Out page.
  • Added Open Graph <meta /> tags.
  • Added Member Since on Contact
  • Added Twitter <meta /> tags for cards.
  • Installed Visual Studio 2017 and deployed
  • Update jQuery.validation from version 1.15.1 to 1.16.0
  • Added Default Image
  • Make all-in-one view/sort/filter page.
  • Added Owner / Borrower icons on manage page.
  • Add badge to for sale items
  • More...

Backlog (todo):

  • Batch mode for reminders, check-ins, and canceling.
  • Borrow the code from MooVee Picker to resize/reframe image for Twitter sharing.
  • Add voting mechanism so people can vote on what a stream might play next.
  • Bug - Should not be able to check things out using owner checkout more than once.
  • Admin - Edit/Delete other user's images, stuff, descriptions, and accounts
  • Email message preview and confirm.
  • Add badge to newly added items
  • Center list image vertically
  • MORE SHARING!! Share that you've checked something out. Share that you've added something.
  • Add last few added to profile page.
  • Limit date on what's popular.
  • Reminder count (when checked out - Schema change)
  • More ToolTips for command buttons
  • CHOOSE images from Bing (or google)
  • UNIT TESTS! Aaahh!
  • Message Center
  • Show list of users on Statistics page if logged in
  • Want List or Request List
  • Add keyword image to StuffList (doubtful - too small)
  • Add to Statistics Page (ongoing)
  • Filter "Manage Stuff" page
  • Viewing Groups (I only want certain people seeing/requesting my stuff.)
  • Logon via Facebook or Twitter (use profile picture)
  • Ability to follow somebody's additions (new stuff)
  • User aliases
  • eBay keyword search
  • Suggest Images
  • Purchase Items
  • Achievements / Trophies