Frequently Asked Questions

One of the default images will be used if you have NOT defined a URL for your image. The second keyword (Tag2), will take precedence over the first keyword (Tag1). If you put “Video Game” as your first tag (Tag1) that you imported and "PS4" as your second tag (Tag2), then the "PS4" image will be used (if there is no defined URL for the item image). If your second keyword "Atari Lynx", the that will NOT match and the "Video Game" image will be used.

You might have found this picture through and you were able to view it. Some sites change the unique key that reference their pictures so you can no longer access them. Some sites have special code that prevents you from accessing the images on their servers indirectly (from other sites). If you're viewing this site from WORK, then the image may be blocked because its source is from a gaming site.

At the moment I'm not touching the database schema, but I would extract after you enter quite a few just in case. If you're keeping a duplicate record in an Excel sheet, then you're fine and THAT'S your backup plan.

I created it myself. Lending to the dual meaning of "check out", I wanted something that represented an eyeball AND a checkbox. After a few hours of doodling and a few minutes in Photoshop, I had what I wanted.

Many of the items CAN’T be loaned, because they are in purely digital format. The Xbox Live Arcade games are digital only. My copy of Diablo III was a digital download so it can’t be loaned out. BUT, I still want to keep track of the fact that I OWN the game so I don’t buy it AGAIN! Many times I’ll be at a bargain bin and I just want to know if I already own the game so I want it in the system.